Finding the Thing You’re Meant To Do & Announcement!


If you’re not clear on what you offer…

If you feel like you should be further along…

If you’re waiting for clarity to take action….


This episode is for you!


You know in your soul you’re meant to do the thing that lights you up.


You feel the desire in your soul to serve and share your gifts with the world.


You think about it often, maybe even a little too often which leads you to overthinking, overwhelms and confusion.😵‍💫


You want to be doing the thing you know you’re meant to do so badly but the lack of clarity, knowing the big picture or even where to start keeps you… looking for answers , procrastinating, overthinking, basically keeps you from taking action.


In Podcast Episode 20, Finding the Thing You’re Meant To Do + Announcement, of The Rebel Soul Podcast I’m talking about finding the thing you’re meant to do.


This is a journey my friends and I know because I’ve been on it since 2014 and there have been lots of ups in down.


You’ll hear about my story and the different phases I went through in my personal development and my business to get to the place where I’m finally doing exactly the thing I know I was meant to do.


You’re exactly where you’re suppose to be and you’ll have practical steps you can take to go even deeper into the journey of finding the thing you’re meant to do.

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