The Truth About Upleveling & Navigating Upper Limits

The antidote to upper limit problems ⬇️

When the universe gives you lemons you turn it into lemonade 🍋🥤

Well my friends, I’ve been stirring up a fresh batch of lemonade for you. 🤣

I know with every once of my soul that I’ve been experiencing upper limit problems so I could learn what I’m about to teach you in Episode 21: The Truth About Upleveling & Navigating Upper Limits of The Rebel Soul Podcast.

After spinning in resistance for three days and making all the excuses in the book for why I can’t do the thing I know I want to be doing.

I was able to observed my brain sabotaging me. {How Rude!}

It has been a hot minute since my brain has decided to turn on me like that.

Luckily this time I’m in a different place in my life I was able to look at the whole situation differently.

Through this shift in perspective I had a HUGE breakthrough. 🤯

Which lead to me channeling a process, that I share with you in this episode, for how to get to break free from your upper limit and imposter syndrome.

Upper limits are part of unleveling but when you know understand *THIS* you’ll be able to shift out of it fast keeping you in momentum on the way to your big dreams. 

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