When It Feels Messy & Other Inspiring Shit

New Episode 22: When it feels messy & other inspiring shit  

The universe is always giving us what we need and showing us the way but let’s be honest, it doesn't always look the way our minds think it should be. 😆🤪

Four weeks ago I never felt more aligned to who I am and clear about my purpose. 

I remember intentionally declaring to the universe “I’m ready to go to the next level”. 

But what happened next I wasn’t prepared for…

It felt like I got the rug pulled from underneath me and then I was pushed off a ledge into a free fall. 

I was forced to question everything. 

Some days it felt like I wanted to crawl out of my own skin because I was so uncomfortable.

In Episode 22 of The Rebel Soul Podcast I’m getting vulnerable and sharing the behind the scenes of what feels like the messiest time in my business and how I’m persevering. 

As scary as it is to share all of this with you, I know it’s happening to me to help others and take me to the next level. 

In this episode I share…

  • All the details of what’s been going on behind the scenes in my business when it feels messy and unclear.
  • How I’m using my inner guidance to help guide the way through the unknown.
  • My journey of admitting that I’m not okay.
  • The realization I had about chasing money and vanity metrics instead of purpose
  • How I’m letting everything go so I can create a business that feels fun and simple.
  • Why having a side job, part-time or full-time job is good for your business

I don’t hold anything back in this episode. It’s raw, transparent and will leave you feeling inspired.

This one is straight from my heart to yours. ❤️


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