Chasing Purpose Not Money

New Episode 23: Chasing Purpose Not Money 

Money is your teacher.

It’s a catalyst for personal growth when you allow it to be.

In Episode 23 Chasing Purpose Not Money of The Rebel Soul Podcast I have special guest, Jamie Berman, on to talk all things money.

In this vulnerable and transparent AF conversation we spill the beans about the lessons on money we’ve learned through growing our coaching business. 

In this conversation we cover….

  •  What it felt like to make our first $100,000 in our businesses.
  •  The pressure to keep making money once you start making money.
  •  Why making more money won’t make you happier.
  •  How I was repelling money despite taking lots of action
  •  Why listening to your intuition is your best strategy when making money
  •  The energetics of chasing money vs. attracting money
  •  Our stories about slowing downs and doing less in order to create more money

This episode is your permission to stop and really question your relationship, stories and patterns around money so  attract money no matter what.

Be warned listening to this podcast episode might result in making more money with more purpose and less action. Listen at your own risk ;)

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