What’s Really in Your Way & How to Solve It

The reason you're not further along in your business is because of *this* one thing.....

If you're not making the money you want to be making...

If you're not showing up and being visible in your business...

If you have brilliant ideas but you're not taking action on them...

This episode is for you my friend.

This past week I've been reflecting not only on the past year but looking back at the past five years since I quit my corporate job and went all in on my business.

Looking back now I have so much compassion for the version of me that was going into year one having no idea what I was doing and everything felt hard and overwhelming figuring out Entrepreneurship.

From where I am now, this version of me that has unshakable confidence and trusts myself to create money in my business no matter what, I'm able to look back and know the journey knowing what I know now. 

But if I could go back in a time machine and tell that old version one this it would be what I'm sharing in Episode 25 What’s Really in Your Way & How to Solve It, on the Rebel Soul Podcast. 

This is what's really in your way.

Knowing and applying this is going to change the entrepreneur game for you.

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