26. How Lauren Got Her Groove Back & Other Inspiring Shit

After a 6 month break from podcasting I’m back and I can’t wait to share ALL THE THINGS! 

I couldn’t have predicted what unfolded in these past 6 months. {That’s the magic of life right?!}

What once used to feel really hard, scary and I avoided for almost 5 years…

Has now become the thing that is most fun, easy and I can’t get enough of.

My mind is still blown at how fast things can change when you’re ready and willing to take action EVEN WHEN it’s scary. 🤯

In this Episode 26, How Lauren Got Her Groove Back & Other Inspiring Shit, I talk about;

➡️ How prioritizing my love life and finding a relationship over my business helped move my business forward with momentum.

➡️ The realization I had about playing small in my business and how I’m now showing up EXTRA myself {which leads to attracting more clients and romantic partners 😉}

➡️ How embodiment is the solution to ethical selling and sustainable business. 

I was even brought to tears recording this episode. Don’t miss my heart felt - teary eyed message from my soul to yours {starts at 34:30}

To be honest I feel like I could’ve gone on for hours in this episode sharing all the details, breakthroughs, and celebrations but I’ll start with this for now

Stay tuned because I’m just getting started….

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