28. Wish you were further along? Listen to this and feel enough now

If you…

➡️ Feel like you should be further along

➡️ Wishing things were different 

➡️ Not enjoying yourself in this exact stage of your business 

➡️ Feel frustrated or defeated around not making the money you want. 

THIS episode is for you my friend. 💕


Last week it felt like I bitch slapped by the universe because I needed to be reminded that in order to create more or be further along you have to be grateful with where you’re at and what you have.


In this episode I get vulnerable with how I’m doing things different in my business and even purposely wanting to make less money in order to build a sustainable foundation for growth.


Knowing what I know now this is exactly what I wold be doing different if I was starting my business over.


This is the kind of episode you’re going to want to save and come back to when you want feel enough now and tap into your worthiness. 


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