29. Social Media & Signing Clients {How to transform your love/hate relationship with Social Media}

🙋🏻‍♀️ I’ll be the first to admit I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Social Media.


😆I’ve had seasons where I hated it, it felt hard, I didn’t know what to say or do and when I did share, it was crickets.


😍I’ve had seasons where I loved it, it was easy, I always know what to say and people are engaging and buying from me. 


🧐I’ve even had a season where I experimented with completely walking away from social media seeing if I could create a sustainable business without it…

In this episode of The Rebel Soul Podcast I’m spilling the beans and drop of truth bombs, that you might not want to hear but really need to, about social media and the biggest mistakes service based entrepreneurs are making when using the platforms for signing clients. 

If you have a love / hate relationship with social media…

If you have a hard time showing up consistently…

If you want to learn to love social media so you can use it as a tool to sign clients….

This episode is for you!


In this episode I share….

➡️My ups and down with Social Media and how I learned to love it to leverage my business.

➡️The truth about why it’s not working for you 

➡️ How to learn to love it so you can use it to sign clients. 


Warning: Listening to episode might brainwash you into loving social media. 😂😍🤩


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