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Effortless Selling Masterclass

How to Confidently Sell Without Feeling Salesy

February 26th, 27th, and 28th
@ 10:00 AM PST/ 1 PM EST (Replays available) 

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No one likes being "sold to". 

You know this, so naturally, you feel resistance when you have to "sell."  On the other hand, you know that you must have sales to support your business growth. 

What if I could make selling easier and enjoyable for you?

👋🏽 Say goodbye to the days of resorting to icky, pushy, and salesy tactics that leave you wanting to hide.

Get ready to embrace a new you – someone who not only loves sales but finds it as natural as a conversation with your bestie.

Picture yourself confidently show up and make offers that not only feel good to you but also feel good to the people buying.

As a result of enjoying selling you naturally want to show up more and make more offers, which leads to more consistent sales so your business grows.

You're invited to a 3-day Masterclass that is going to redefine your relationship with sales, turning the once daunting task of making offers and signing clients into an effortless and enjoyable experience.

Here’s what people are saying about Effortless Selling Masterclass:

 ➡️ “I felt like you gave us the "Keys to the Kingdom" in terms of how to really make sales that come from the heart, are authentic and in absolute alignment with who I am.” - Kathy

 ➡️ “You will learn, you will laugh, you will have profound "aha" moments about who you are and what you want, and you will feel deeply empowered to go out into the world and shine your light more brightly.” - Penny 

➡️ "Lauren's generosity in this masterclass is noteworthy. She offers all of her knowledge. No holding back. If you are a self-implementer, everything you need to earn your first 100K or grow is right there.” - Yasmin

 This Masterclass is going to change your relationship with sales so you feel confident selling and charging for your services.

 February 26th, 27th, and 28th at 1:00ET/10:00PT. Plan for 60-90 minutes for day of the Masterclass. Replays will be available for a limited time.

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What you'll learn each day; 

Monday: A new sales paradigm—say goodbye to icky, pushy, manipulative sales tactics. After day one you’ll:

➡️ Shift your perspective and relationship to love sales. You'll see how selling is as simple and easy as being your authentic self and caring about others.

➡️ Learn how to sell in a way that's ethical and makes it a win/win for everyone, kissing goodbye to icky, pushy, manipulative sales tactics.

➡️ Know how to make your first $100K by genuinely connecting with one person at a time.

Tuesday: Feel confident selling and charging for your services. After day two you’ll:

➡️ Know how to feel confident selling your services because your offer feels aligned with you and the results you get for your clients.

➡️ Know you're worthy of charging for your services right now because you're enough already. 

➡️ Learn a tool to help you go from doubt and imposter syndrome to showing up and selling effortlessly.

Wednesday: Sales strategies that feel good and work for you. After day three you’ll:

➡️ Learn how to balance your energy and strategy to sell and scale.

➡️ Know why your strategy isn't working for you and how to fix it.

➡️ Have momentum to get into action and one step closer to your next sale.