30. What’s Holding You Back {Part One:The Win/Win Sales Paradigm}

Holy vulnerability hangover 😆🤪😫

It took me over two weeks to get over the shit that was holding me back from sharing this podcast episode with you.

After some recent lessons in dating that expanded my ability to feel rejection, speak my truth, and show up even when it’s uncomfortable… releasing this episode feels easier.

In Episode 30 of The Rebel Soul Podcast, 'What’s Holding You Back' (Part One: The Win/Win Sales Paradigm), you’re going to learn how to overcome the things holding you back when it comes to showing up and charging for your services. This way, you can get paid for doing the thing you love.

After this episode, you’ll know how to overcome the uncomfortable emotions that hold you back from showing up, making offers, and charging for your services.

You'll know how to sell from a place of integrity and safety that creates a win/win for everyone.

If you know in your heart of hearts that you're holding back from showing up and selling your offer…this episode is for you.💕

All the discomfort, growth, and overcoming the resistance were worth it to bring this episode to you.

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