31. How to Sell Without Feeling Icky {Part Two: The Win/Win Sales Paradigm}

The reason you went into business was to help others and make money doing the thing you love.❤️💵

You’re a good person; the last thing you want to do is come off as salesy or manipulative because you care about people.

The good news is that the best salespeople are the ones who authentically care and do what’s best for their clients.

In this episode of The Rebel Soul Podcast, I’m going to teach you how to shift the way you look at and approach sales so you can see that you’re already good at sales and how to create a win/win approach to signing clients.

After this episode, you're going to know how to:

✅Sell in an ethical way that's a win-win for everybody, making it so you enjoy selling, and your clients enjoy buying from you. It leads to a sustainable business that's based on loyal clients who refer more ideal clients.

✅ Overcome objections in a way that benefits everybody. And PS, I don't call it overcoming objections. You're never going to feel icky, cheesy, or salesy again because you're going to have permission from the other person who's buying.

Warning: Listening to this episode might shift your core beliefs around selling and charging for your service, which might lead to more clients. Proceed with caution 😂🤩

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